Medicane ZENON formed in the Ionian Sea ...

Medicane ZENON formed in the Ionian Sea during the first hours of 17th of November 2017

A medicane was formed during the first hours of 17th of November 2017. The madicane was named ZENON by the National Observatory of Athens. It currently rotates in the Ionian Sea and it is expected to move towards southern Greece in the afternoon of Saturday.
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Central Mediterranean battered by lightn ...

Central Mediterranean battered by lightning on Tuesday 7/11/2017

Once again, Central Mediterranean was battered by lighting. ZEUS, the lightning detection network of the National Observatory of Athens, recorded over 18000 strokes during Tuesday 7/11/2017.
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Animals can have storm phobia!

According to WbMD, storm phobia is very real and should be taken seriously. Loyal masters are often awaken in the middle of the night – not from the thunder – but from the uninvited pet jumping in the bed looking for comfort from the storm. Cases of storm phobia in pets can be much more severe and should not be ignored. They say some pets have been known to “claw through drywall, chew carpets, or break through windows in their escalating panic.”
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Lightning knocked out Internet on Cayman ...

Lightning knocked out Internet on Cayman’s Island!

A lightning strike along one of the submarine cables that connects Cayman’s Internet to the rest of the world knocked out Internet service for many on Grand Cayman Tuesday evening. The lightning hit a landing station at the U.S. end of the Maya-1 cable system between Cancun, Mexico and Hollywood, Florida, on Tuesday afternoon, affecting Internet access and some phone service in Cayman, according to local telecom companies and regulators.
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