Flash-flooded Mandra hit by floods again ...

Flash-flooded Mandra hit by floods again as Low “Nefeli” sweeps across Greece

Torrential rains flooded again Mandra and Nea Peramos in West Attica, the villages that were stroke by flash floods in Last November and 24 people lost their lives. Scared and concerned Mandra residents see again rain waters rushing through the streets, covering large areas, and sweeping away cars, garbage bins and other items. A local told news245.gr on the phone ” The streams have swept away everything. My kids and I went up to the first floor. The water is two meters high. We’ll have another disaster, we are scared, we try to protect ourselves.” According to reports coming from Mandra, the same areas have been flooded again. Traffic in main road of Mandra as well as in the old national roads Athens-Thiva and Athens-Corinth has been halted due to floods. By 10 o’ clock Tuesday evening, the Fire Service had received 45 calls to pump waters from flooded homes and businesses. Five people trapped in homes and cars have been rescued by the Fire Service and transferred to safe places. 50 fire fighters with 20 trucks as well as one boat with divers from the Rescue Service EMAK are in operation in the area. Anti-flooding measures are supposed to have been taken even since the disaster last year. On Tuesday, locals claim the anti-flooding measures were never concluded. Barometric low “Nefeli” has been striking Greece with heavy rainfalls and powerful thunderstorms in the last hours, with the national meteorological service to warn of extreme weather phenomena and floods. East and Central Peloponnese, Thessaly and Magnisia in Central Greece and Halkikidi in the North have been severely hit by heavy rain with the rushing water to sweep away whatever found on their way to the sea. Tonnes of water fell also in the broader area of Volos and Pilio, flooding rivers, streams and agricultural land. The Fire Service rescued two young women who were trapped in their car. In the area by Volos, a total of seven horses were rescued in three separate incidents. In some cases the animals were tied and could not escape the rushing waters. Three horse were almost drowned as they did not managed to escape the rushing waters of Kravsidonas stream. The horses were at the river bed. Locals who saw the water to have reached almost the height of the horses’ neck called the Fire Service that rescued them.
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Over 40.000 flashes recorded by “ZEUS” o ...

Over 40.000 flashes recorded by “ZEUS” on Monday 25/06/2018

Significant electrical activity over Europe was recorded by the lightning detection network “ZEUS” of the National Observatory of Athens. Over 40.000 strokes were recorded, mainly during the morning and midday hours. The Central Mediterranean was battered heavily by thunderstorms.
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On July 13, 1977, New York City endured ...

On July 13, 1977, New York City endured a 25-hour blackout after lightning strikes power lines.

On July 13, 1977, New York City endured a 25-hour blackout after lightning strikes power lines, prompting widespread arson, looting, and riots. The blackout was to many a metaphor for the gloom that had already settled on the city. An economic decline, coupled with rising crime rates and the panic-provoking (and paranoia-inducing) Son of Sam murders, had combined to make the late 1970s New York’s Dark Ages.
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Lightning can strike at sea!

In a rare incident of its kind, a coastguard diver and a citizen were killed after they were struck by a lightning bolt off Khairan beach of Kuwait on the 8th of May 2016. The Interior Ministry said in a statement that a jet ski of citizen Saad Khaled Al-Shereeda broke down and a coastguard boat was dispatched to rescue him. The ministry added that the coastguard diver, Abdullah Othman Al-Doussary, jumped in the water to help the man, but they were both struck by lightning and were killed instantly. In October last year, an Asian was killed by lightning in northern Kuwait during a freak storm. It is estimated that 6,000 to as many as 24,000 people are killed around the world by lightning strikes every year.
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