‘Massive fireball’ lightning strike dama ...

‘Massive fireball’ lightning strike damages ancient Scottish castle (20/2/2018)

An ancient castle on the northwest coast of Scotland has been heavily damaged by a lightning strike that a witness compared to a “massive fireball.” Castle Maol on the Isle of Skye was left significantly damaged by the dramatic display of nature’s power. Local hotel manager Robert Ireland captured dramatic footage of the powerful strike that blasted the ancient tower. Duncan Barwise, who was safely indoors during the violent storm, described it as “a rare and unnerving combination of lightning, thunder, violent wind, and wet snow.” Local man Barwise captured before and after photos of the ruin. “Suddenly, a sharp, almost deafening crack of thunder coincided with what seemed like a massive fireball,” he said, reliving the incident that felled the ancient fortification. “Electricity filled the air. The familiar floodlights, which illuminated the walls of the once-fortified tower were extinguished.” The following morning Barwise discovered that the castle’s iconic peak on the left wall was entirely gone. He said it had been “blown apart” by the lightning strike. “The castle, first established by the Vikings in the 9th century, was dealt yet another blow by nature's capricious hand - right before our eyes,” he added.
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Storm force winds, lightning and snow hi ...

Storm force winds, lightning and snow hit Scotland

A Met Office yellow warning for snow and ice is in place across much of the Highlands until 10:00 on Friday. The difficult driving conditions have seen a car end up on its roof on the A82. Over the past 24 hours, winds have gusted to more than 100mph in the Cairngorms. Traffic Scotland has reported the closures of snow gates on several high level routes, including Banchory to Fettercairn and on the A93 at Spittal of Glenshee. High winds have been affecting crossings of the Kessock Bridge at Inverness and the Skye Bridge, while Police Scotland warned of "pockets of bad weather" affecting travel on roads in Dumfries and Galloway. Travel on the A82 in Glen Coe and on stretches of the A9 in the Highlands and Perthshire were badly affected by snow and high winds on Wednesday. The storm force winds were detected on Wednesday by the Scottish Avalanche Information Service in the range's northern mountains. The lightning strikes, accompanied by snow and heavy rain, were widespread on west Highland coast. High winds have continued to affect the Cairngorms on Thursday. CairnGorm Mountain ski centre said the stormy weather had affected its phone lines. Staff said gusts of up to 70mph had been recorded at the centre's top station, along with a temperature of -7C. There have also been heavy snowfalls and the high winds have been causing snow to build up in some places. CairnGorm Mountain said there were drifts "as big as cliffs" in some areas. Wednesday night's lightning could be seen from Kyleakin on Skye, Kyle of Lochalsh and also in West Ross, including Ullapool.
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On the 21st of August 2011, a thundersto ...

On the 21st of August 2011, a thunderstorm forced the Pope to cut short his speech!

On the 21st of August 2011, a thunderstorm forced the pope to cut short his speech to an estimated 1 million young pilgrims gathered at a Madrid airfield to mark World Youth Day. As rain soaked the crowd and lightning lit up the night sky on Saturday, the 84-year-old pontiff skipped the bulk of the speech and delivered brief greetings in half a dozen languages.
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Lightning caused deaths are fewer every ...

Lightning caused deaths are fewer every year, at least in the US!

This decade will go down in weather history as one of the wildest in modern times. Since 2010, we’ve seen both the widest and strongest tornado on record touch down in Oklahoma. Mexico felt the wrath of the strongest hurricane ever recorded in terms of wind speed. The American West is enduring a years-long drought with no end in sight. But it’s not all bad news. This decade is also on track to see the lowest number of lightning deaths we’ve ever recorded in the United States, and that’s quite the accomplishment.
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